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Stoke the Coals Margarita Recipe

We featured this margarita on our craft cocktail menu last year and it was a hit! The roasted jalapeños lend a smokey flavor and the the black salt rim resembles charcoal. It's a steakhouse margarita with a kick! Our recipe calls for Altos tequila, but use whatever silver tequila you prefer.

Stoke the Coals Margarita


2 oz. Altos Silver tequila

1.5 oz. fresh sour mix (fresh-squeezed juice - half lemon, half lime)

8 slices roasted jalapeño, seeded (adjust to taste)

1 oz. simple syrup

1 slice raw jalapeno for garnish

1 lime wheel for garnish

Black Hawaiian lava salt for rimming

Begin by seeding and roasting jalapeños on the grill over an open flame, letting the skin become blistered and charred. Once the jalapeños have cooled, slice the roasted jalapeños. Put 8 slices of the roasted jalapeño along with simple syrup, tequila and fresh juices in bottom of cocktail shaker. Fill with ice, cover with lid and shake 15 seconds. Use a wedge of citrus to wet the rim of a stemless glass. Dip rim into black Hawaiian lava salt. Add ice to glass. Strain cocktail into rimmed glass and garnish with lime wheel and slice of raw jalapeño.

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