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In 1973, Glen Rubenbauer, affectionately known as "Rube," embarked on a remarkable journey in tiny Montour, Iowa. With a humble tavern in a town of just 250 residents, Rube listened to the hungry requests of his patrons and expanded to offer food. But he had a groundbreaking idea – to provide generous portions of premium Iowa steak, corn-fed to perfection, and let customers grill it themselves on an open-hearth grill.


Word of Rube's spread like wildfire, capturing the hearts and taste buds of people far and wide. Steak enthusiasts from around the globe flocked to the quaint town of Montour to experience the unique charm of Rube's - the eccentric, grill-your-own supper club. Customers were so enamored that they began requesting to purchase Rube's steaks to sizzle at home or share as thoughtful gifts with loved ones. Responding to this demand, in 1992, Rube's Steakhouse started shipping fresh steaks to doorsteps across the nation. Our legendary steaks could now be ordered conveniently at and delivered anywhere in the U.S.A.


In 1993, as Rube embarked on a well-deserved retirement, the Anderson family took the reins, continuing the legacy of Rube's Steakhouse. Guided by Rube's original philosophy, we have remained steadfast in providing our guests with warm, small-town hospitality, top quality, generously-portioned, cornfed beef, and an unforgettable grilling experience. The loyalty and support of our cherished patrons prompted us to open a second Rube's Steakhouse in Waukee, Iowa, in 1999.


We recently turned 50 at our original location in Montour, and we will turn 25 this year here in Waukee! We cannot contain our excitement and gratitude, as these milestones are monumental for a restaurant to reach. Thank you for joining us as we commemorate five decades of steak-loving excellence and shared memories. Be sure to sign up for Rube's Grill Club, and be the first to receive updates on our 25th anniversary specials, special events, tantalizing new menu items, exclusive birthday gifts during your birth month, and a tasty freebie delivered to your inbox as a token of our appreciation. Alternatively, follow us on social media to stay connected.


Thank you for being an integral part of our extraordinary journey. We are thrilled to celebrate our upcoming 25th birthday with you, and to create more unforgettable moments together!


Thank you for joining us - we hope to see you at the grill again soon!



Tiffani Mackenzie - General Manager     Bailey Tuma - Manager   Cassie Tuma - Assistant Manager

Matt & Michele Anderson - Owners     Deann Savage - Director of Operations

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