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Covid Precautions Update - May 17, 2021

Hello steak-loving friends! We just want to share with you our position on the recent lifting of restrictions on mask wearing in here Iowa.

Basically for our staff, nothing changes. For now, we will still wear masks, at least in the short term. Our guests don't have to, but they can if they choose. 

We will continue to feature locally-raised, generously-portioned steaks in a warm, casual atmosphere.

We will continue to serve you with small-town friendliness and kindness.

We will continue to stoke the coals in our open-hearth grills to provide our guests with a pleasurable grill-your-own experience.

We will do what we do, and do our best to do it well. That includes continuing with the other mitigation efforts we have in place to keep our staff and guests safe.

We have to do what is right for our business. We have obligations to many, and we’ve suffered greatly during the pandemic crisis. The restaurant industry has taken a huge punch in the gut. We are tirelessly working to survive, and our goal this year is to not simply survive, but to THRIVE.

Please be considerate to our team, even if you disagree with our safety protocol or the government's handling of the pandemic. We love our little grill-your-own restaurant, our staff, and all of our guests. We’ve been an iconic Iowa steakhouse since 1973 in Montour and Waukee since 1999. We don’t want that to end!

Thank you so much for your support! Together we can get through this!

Do I still get to hang out at the grill? 


Yes, you can still grill your own! Each table will be taken to the grill where you’ll have fresh tongs to use. We’ll bring you bread to toast, seasonings and anything else you might need. Our grills are outfitted with exceptional ventilation systems, with the room's air being sucked out and fresh air coming in at regular, frequent intervals. This makes our grill space and dining rooms a great place to be!


A fresh salad will be served table side, complete with everything that was on our salad bar. Yes, you can have seconds! Our famous skillet potatoes and baked potatoes can be found on our potato bar as usual.

We do suggest that you make a reservation in advance. If you’re interested in same day seating, please call ahead: 641-492-6222. We are a large restaurant, but seating is reduced to allow social distancing. Rube’s may or may not be able to accommodate walk-ins. Please remember that empty tables doesn't mean available tables!


Rest assured that we’re following all other requirements set forth by the state in order to keep our guests safe and provide you exceptional service while maintaining our grill-your-own atmosphere. 


Welcome back to Rube’s Steakhouse - The Original Grill-Your-Own!

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